Zoom Out & Dress With Confidence

Zoom out while getting dressed

Zoom Out

This is a difficult thing to do, I know. Even when we put on our favorite outfits, we tend to focus on the parts of ourselves that bother us.


  • “Do these jeans make me look bigger?”
  • “Does my tummy appear larger in this dress?”
  • “Does this item drape too much?”
  • “Is it okay to show this much neck?”
  • “Does this shoulder stick out too much?”
  • “Is it okay to show skin there?”
  • And so on.


I hear this all the time. Hell, I do it too!


The Reality of Perception

The real question is: Do you think anyone else scrutinizes you in the same way?


The answer is NO!


The purpose of getting dressed is to feel confident and make the impression you desire when entering a room.


What message are you trying to convey?


I create looks for my clients that suit their current lives and the lives they aspire to have. Like your hairdresser, trainer, and manicurist, I apply a bit of psychology to this process. I aim to help.


Due to social media, magazines, and our surroundings, coupled with personal experiences, we all have perceptions about how we think we ought to look. We are incredibly hard on ourselves, both men and women alike.


Exploring Fashion Without Fear

The look that suits you and your lifestyle will get you noticed, trust me. Your beautiful smile will capture attention first because you feel fantastic. Then, they’ll notice your great style.


No one will critique, “the collar on that shirt doesn’t suit you,” or “you should cover your bottom with a jacket.” People don’t focus on the things you do.


When my clients see a particular fabric, color, or texture, it can trigger certain memories.


  • Lace: “Does this look old-fashioned?”
  • Pink: “I can’t wear that; it’s too bright.”
  • Ruffles: “Is that something a grandma wears?”
  • Checks: “Will these make me look bigger?”


The answer to all these concerns is emphatically NO!


The Big Picture

Give everything a chance. Some items may or may not be for you. Don’t judge too quickly. Remember, no one is thinking what you are. My favorite feedback from clients is:


“I would never have chosen this for myself, but now it’s my favorite thing to wear!”


Remember to zoom out. Consider the bigger picture. You won’t regret it!