"I had a red carpet event for a movie I wrote and realized the dress I’d ordered online accentuated all the wrong body parts! In a panic, I called Kriena who styled me in the PERFECT chic outfit in 3 hours! For the first time in my life, I was mentioned in the Daily Mail not for my writing but for my ensemble! Kriena is a talent and more importantly an incredible human!"

Rebecca Hughes, Writer / Producer Film Industry

"Kriena helped me put together a wardrobe that elevated my look without making me feel staid. As an artist, the line between clothes with personality and clothes that are tailored without being stuffy has been a challenge. Kriena solved that problem for me and I feel like I’m ready to go anywhere now."


Chris, Artist, Los Angeles

"Kriena is a miracle worker. First, she helped me edit my closet – both letting go of things that were past their prime and helping me see older pieces with a fresh eye. Following that, she has helped me fill in some sizable gaps in my wardrobe. After working with Kriena, I am wearing things I love that I could never seem to get out of the house in before because I now have the right basics to make a cohesive outfit. And don’t get me started on her jeans magic! I did not think they made jeans for my body type and had resigned myself to a lifetime of uncomfortable, ill-fitting denim until she came into my world. Kriena is the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time."


Sandi, Head of Creative and Marketing , Los Angeles

“Kriena Nederveen: stylist to the stars... and you” -- Head Butler, the leading arbiter of good taste in books and culture, reviews Clé D'Or, Kriena's invincible style and her ability to transform yours.


“Kriena has been my personal shopper for about four years. She is super professional, honest, straightforward and a pleasure to work with. She has an amazing eye and provides me with styling advice that is priceless. She consults with me every season to assess my needs. We will then meet at a store where she will arrive early and pull things for me and set up a fitting room. I always have limited time and she makes it work. Recently, she even helped me shop online. I respect her opinion but she never pressures me to purchase anything I do not love. Kriena also revamped and organized my closets -- discarding items I should have retired years ago and teaching me new ways to incorporate strong but underutilized pieces. I now have a stylish updated wardrobe of clothes that I actually wear! Thank you CléD'Or!”

Christine. Attorney & Business Owner, NYC

"I was being honored by a prestigious New York institution and was in a panic over what to wear. Kriena led me to amazing options and dressed me head to toe. People still comment on how good I looked that night and the tips she gave me have applied to my personal style going forward. Merci Clé D'or!"

Dana. NYC

“Kriena applies her deep knowledge of fashion and adapts it for professionals, like me, while at the same time taking into consideration the physical characteristics of the person she is dressing. Perfection with comfort and style was what I was after and she nailed it. I look good which makes me feel great. Being confident helps me win the deals I am pitching. She has helped dress me for several years and we just finished putting together a revised four season wardrobe. Thank you Kriena & Clé D'Or!”

William. Virginia Beach, VA