Your Winter To Do List


I know you are busy finishing up that project at work to clear the decks for the holidays. And holiday shopping. And parties. Aren’t we all? But I also know that you are thinking about the New Year and how you are psyched to get a fresh start, get organized, get gorgeous… and I am here to help you!


Here’s your Starting Fresh To Do List:



1) Purge and Trim Down Your Closet: I think I know better than anyone (only because I have done it over 1,000 times) that when you pair down and have less in your closet, you actually have more to wear. Here’s a post with some tips for pairing down, and let me add that now (before the holidays) it’s time to get rid of any ratty tees, PJs or anything that is stained. You know they’re hiding in there. Dig them out!


2) Get to the Gym: It’s on everyone’s list. Here are some tips to make it easier to leave the house and more fun to be hitting the treadmill or the weights.


3) Plan a Vacation: Planning is half the fun and if you plan early enough, the anticipation of the trip is even better. I thought I would mention that Clé D’Or offers travel planning and packing services — because you must look good while you are relaxing on the beach, hitting a museum or having a fun night out dancing. Let me help you put your suitcase together — no sweat! (See Pack Your Bags, under Services.)



4) Deal with Winter: Do you have the right stuff that you need for the winter? A good parka? A fun bomber? A leather jacket to layer? The right one? What about a dressy overcoat? Boots? They all matter and I can help you get this stuff in place… and maybe even take advantage of some sales while I’m at it!


5) Refresh for Spring: I know winter is not truly here yet, but with 25 years of training in the biz, I know the holiday and spring collections will be coming out before too long. It’s time to think about what you need to round out your wardrobe. I can already think of a few things you’re missing. Let’s make a plan!


Enjoy the holidays! Can’t wait to help you get through the winter!


x K