Your Style DNA: The Good, The Bad & The…

I recently went home to visit my mother and was thinking about how stylish she is and how her personal style influenced me, my career and now my own business, Clé D’Or. I was also thinking about you and how your style preferences and, well, issues have roots too.


Here’s what I came away with. For me and for you.



Me first. My beautiful mother always wore lipstick to the grocery store. She made an effort to be stylish and current. Never trendy; there’s a difference. Once, when I was in the 7th grade, my mom showed up at a school event to help out dressed in a navy pantsuit, a white collared shirt and platform shoes. I saw how people reacted. With awe. She believed, and still does, that if you’re going to do something — including going to the grocery store — do it well. I grew up with a Southern mother at a time and in a place where we dressed up for football games and church. My mother was always pulled together and of the moment. Thanks for this legacy and your inspiration, Mom.


Now you. If there is one common “issue” my lovely, amazing female clients have it’s that they dress a little too old for their age. I frequently find my clients in jeans two sizes too big for them or covering their butts with some loose fitting top. No, ladies. I can (and do) show you how to find the right style and fit for your bodies. Take inspiration from your mother’s best style habits, but DO NOT dress like her (especially because she is 20 to 40 years older than you).



Now, that’s not to say that a mother and daughter can’t have some crossover — you should. I share with my daughter and have many clients who do. Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia, do this flawlessly. They can wear similar pieces and share a similar style, but both dress age appropriately. This, ladies, is the key. I can show you how.


So, let’s thank our moms for showing us the ropes early on in so many ways, but now it’s time to find our own unique styles — age appropriate, well fitted and of the moment!! Might as well do it right. Who’s in?!


x K