You Need To Widen Your Horizons…And The Size Of Your Pants!

Listen up Dudes! There is a lot going on style wise. Are you keeping up? No worries, that is my job.


I have been preaching at the alter of Slim for years now. It was time for all of you to get rid of those ill fitting clothes and bring it all in a little. Baggy clothes were adding lbs to you all that were not there. Who needs that? Most of these clothes ( that I tossed out of your closets) were dated and not doing you any favors. So why am I talking about “The Big Fit” and clothes that have a little more room? Styles change and the world keeps moving and you need to keep up. I will help you.



I know this can be confusing. To add to that, many physical stores have closed and e-commerce is growing. This is hard to navigate for most people, especially guys ( sorry fellas). That is why I have a job. It is tempting to subscribe to one of the direct to consumer brands like Untuckit or Bonobos. These are both great brands, but if you want to look current, individual, and upgrade quality a bit, there are other ways. Like many things in fashion, the slim styles could go too far at times and become super skinny.
This is not flattering either and I never subscribed to it for my guys.


This brings us to spring 2021. In many ways, the 90’s are back. This does not mean reaching back in your closet for that 3x pleated trouser or that pair of Gap chinos you held on to. If this is you, I have not been in your closet yet and I need to. Yes guys, you will need chinos, knits, hoodies and grown up sneakers. They need to be current. Many things have gotten just a little roomier. A great single pleat pant looks fresh again, maybe even a double if you know what you are doing. There are oversized polos that look amazing. Camp shirts never looked better. Softly tailored jackets worn just a little slouchy seem totally cool. Can you believe it? I can. It only makes sense. We are changing they way we work and play in many ways. Designers know it and are rising to the occasion.



Street style and music are some of the biggest ( and my favorite) influence on fashion. Most of my clients have been influenced by Ralph Lauren as well as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. Don’t forget it. Let it seep into what you wear in the appropriate way for your life. Quest love is one of my biggest inspirations for just about everything. Always looking fly and totally pulled together in Blazers, Hoodies, Graphic Tees, and Suits. Melding the world of Comme de Garcon and Hip Hop in his own way. Guys, he’s 50, not 25. This can be pulled off at any age if done right. A bigger fit is correct for any one as long as it is the right size or tailored correctly.


Now let’s widen our horizons. Ha Ha.