How to Declutter Your Closet


Here are some phrases I hear all the time:


“I can’t find anything in my closet”

“My closet is a mess”

“I have so many things that I never wear”

“I feel like I need a fresh start”


Do any of these apply to you? I can help. It is a terrible thing to start every day feeling overwhelmed. If your closet is the cause of this, it is an easy fix. I want looking in your closet to bring you peace and joy first thing in the morning.



The Closet Edit

Editing your wardrobe is something I love to do. It is the best place for us to start. We weed out what is not serving your life. Why are you hanging on to a shirt with stains that will not come out? Because you had fun in it once? We will replace it. Are there sad old gym clothes that need to go? How about anything you have not worn in at least 2 years? I have rules about this.


I do not believe in waste. I will edit your closet either in-person or virtually. Will will sell any quality items that can be sold. What can not be sold will be donated. I have charities that I work with regularly. Very few things must be disposed of.



No-brainer Tips For A Closet That Works For You Not Against You

  • Do you remove your dry cleaning bags as soon as you bring things home? You must.
  • Do you know how to fold your jeans? Your t shirts? I will show you. It will create room and decrease wrinkles.
  • Do you put your laundry away or let it pile up in your closet? Let’s talk.


You want your closet to look like something out of Architectural Digest (I secretly covet the Kardashian’s closets). Do not judge me! I do have a little OCD. It will benefit you, but this is not what I do. I have partnerships with amazing closet organizing companies who will come in and make your closet look like heaven once I am finished.


It’s important to choose quality, space saving hangers. Here are my favorite ones that create more room in your closet. And who doesn’t need that?



Decluttering is the key. Getting rid of everything that does not make your life easier and more beautiful. One of my favorite clients said, “ I love it! Less in my closet but more to wear!” Everything should have a purpose. Almost everything should be worn across your wardrobe, not just for one occasion.


Can you tell this is one of my favorite subjects? Now let’s get you decluttered!