What’s the matter with pills?

If you have a prescription or need something for a headache or a cold, go for it! But if you have a shirt or a sweater covered in little pills, you need more something stronger!



Anything in your closet that is knit — from a wool coat to a fine-gauge knit, to a tee shirt to a chunky pullover — is at risk for pilling, and guess what, you have to maintain them! Ugh, right?


Something rubs against these treasures and all of a sudden, the little pills are multiplying like rabbits.


So, here’s what you do to avoid looking disheveled (which is pills number one effect!). Certainly, I can help you exterminate these little pests when I visit your closet throughout the year to make sure your style is up to date, but you can also do a bit of this yourself. Maintenance, people!



A veritable library of gadgets exists out there, but trust me, you only need a couple to do your job. First, a lint brush or lint roller should always be at hand for times when your friend’s dog sheds on your pants and the fur transfers to your coat. Or for when your own fuzzy sweater sheds on your coat or pants. Roll off the lint.


You will also need a clothes shaver or two. This will attack the pills! You can get one of these at a drugstore or on Amazon. I always carry one in my bag just in case you need me to step in and get things under control.


Ok, so that’s your TO DO LIST. Lint roller. Sweater shaver. Got it? You need these in your life just like you need a toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s that basic.


x K


PS Stay tuned for another sexy post about clothes care and laundry… oooh, baby!