Warning: Vacation Shopping


It’s always fun to pick up a few things on vacation that will remind you of the place you went and how much fun you had. Pottery from Mexico, a sarong from the Grecian isles, some EVO from Tuscany or wine from Napa. Good times!


Upon meeting clients for the first time and working with them to better curate their closets, I can often find pieces that hold a lot of nostalgia for them that they are unable to part with but do not fit into their lives or their personal styles at all!


So, vacationers, weekenders, here is my advice to you. When you go shopping, think of yourself (just for one moment) back in your regular life: working at your desk, taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store… in your new fringed poncho, in your cowboy boots, in your toga… You feel me, now, right?


Here’s a good idea instead. Buy some jewelry. Some statement earrings in Austin, an Hermès bracelet in Paris, some beaded bracelets in Ecuador to add to your arm candy. (See Make Your Jewelry Personal)


One more tip: Don’t spend too much. It’s a reminder of your trip, not a staple for your wardrobe (well, except the Hermès from Paris…).


Have fun traveling and collecting!


x K