Vintage, Retro, Gently Used, or Just Old?

What does it all mean??? I can help you with that.


Do you love vintage shopping?

Or do you just think you do?



I adore some vintage items. I do not buy very many. If they are truly vetted, they cost quite a bit. There are some original rocker T’s out there that I would kill for. I know some of the best stores that truly vet their pieces and some that do not. It is a difficult process. There are many stores that have great gently used gems. Some have vintage items that are fantastic, but not vetted. What is worth the money? Just like with antiques, buying from either is great. Just try to know the difference so that you do not get ripped off. I have also sold vintage pieces out of my own closet for good money. I know where they came from. I had saved them for my daughter and sadly, she rejected them.

Oh well, I tried.


Do you own vintage pieces?

Should you be wearing them?



The real definition of a vintage piece is one that is over 20 years old. Over 100 is an antique! It is hard to know what is worth keeping and what needs to be donated or sold. I can help you with this. It is a joy finding jewels in a clients closet. Some people know what they have and just don’t know how to use it. Some have no clue. I have made over some Chanel jackets to be modern and wearable right now. Love them with a leather pant or vintage jean and great t shirt! I am salivating just thinking about it! I have had a treasured leather jacket from a father that was later tailored to fit a daughter. Some things are perfect and should not be touched. It is just a matter of knowing how to wear them. Check out my Instagram to see the story of my favorite vintage item.


When searching through your closets, a lot comes up. I love having the discussion about what is a treasure, what needs to be edited out, and those few items that do not fit into any of these categories. There are items that you keep because they mean something to you. Your Mom’s sweater, a scarf knitted by your sweetheart, your Dad’s tie. Emotional attachments are important. Just remember that vintage is a whole different matter!


Adding a little something old to your something new is chicer than chic!