2022 Trends That You Need To Be Wearing In 2023


What to do? What to do?


Your closet is jam packed with clothing and accessories. You know there is good stuff in there. You also know some stuff has to go. ( see your friendly neighborhood stylist Kriena for a closet edit).


You will want to add to your wardrobe in 2023. You need to know what you can still wear from 2022. Let’s face it, there is not an endless budget for new items.


I tell my clients all the time, “I do not believe in waste.” Designers actually do create some classics in every collection that are meant to stick around. Let me share a few trends from 2022 that you will want to carry forward in 2023. This one is for the ladies. See the next installment for the guys.



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1. Wide Leg Pants

The pendulum always swings. Once it does, it tends to hover there for a while before making its way back. We enjoyed skinny for a good long run. Last year saw the wide leg trouser appear on almost every run way. It is here to stay for a while. There are still pieces of slim that you will wear, but the wide leg you bought last year should be used as a foundation piece for 2023.



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2. The Longer Skirt

The micro mini had a second. I mean really just a second. The midi is a classic. The maxi made a strong comeback last year and will be around for 2023. This is not your maxi dress from the early OOs. This is a sleeker sophisticated look. Skirts, slim knit dresses, long coats, etc. Winter is a great time to enjoy these.



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3. Bold Color

We saw a huge influx of brightness and ornamentation in 2022 A celebration after some darker times. One of these additions is staying in 2023. Love that! Hues like hot pink, marigold yellow, and saffron should be a part of your repertoire fo 2023. If you bought them, keep them.



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4. Faux fur

Hopefully we bought you some in 2022. Good news! Keep wearing it in Winer 2023. If is still all the rage. Depending on the style, you will wear it some winters to come. A great faux fur collar on a coat, a faux shearling, a great jacket, are all amazing for 2023.



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5. Relaxed Denim

New denim trends role around every year. Some stay for a good long time. Thankfully. The current one that is rolling forward from 2022 is a strait leg, or more relaxed jean. This can take on a few iterations. The great thing is that it look great on every body type. It can be great for the office. It is comfortable and very flattering. Keep using it!


Let these trends and a few others (hit me up for more) be your base for 2023. From there we can add the newness you need to keep you current while being budget friendly.