To Shape or Not to Shape, That is the Question.

Hey ladies, we’re going to tackle a sticky topic here. Shape wear, a subject prominent among all my female clients⏤ sizes 00 to 16.



Do I need it? What do I buy? Can it be comfortable?


First things first, do you need it? Well, that depends on many things. We could all use it at times. You can be a 00 with washboard abs and still need shape wear for those very smooth, fitted garments⏤ just to give you those clean lines. On the other hand, shape wear can be your saving grace for those pieces and parts that you want to hold in a bit when wearing your favorite tight outfit. While I don’t recommend wearing it every day, there are definitely people who do. For example, I have a client with a body that couldn’t be tighter and still does not feel dressed with out her shape wear. It makes her feel secure, so all the power to her! However, remember, if this is not you don’t feel the need to conform⏤save your shape wear for those special outfits or occasions.


Next, what to buy? Lucky for us, the options are endless. With brands, both new and old, flooding the market with a plethora of options, you can now choose your shape wear based on the exact areas you want shaped. Similarly, you can also match any skin tone. I know all these options can be overwhelming, that’s where I come in to help!


Last but DEFINITELY not least… can it be comfortable?



This is like asking if you like a particular artist, the answers will be very subjective. You may like it, I may hate it. I’ll be honest⏤ personally, I don’t love wearing shape wear but I also don’t mind suffering a bit for style. However, some people crave shape wear under their clothes. For others, it’s more trouble than it’s worth; if this is you, skip them. Lucky for us, again, we live in a time when these things are our choice.


Imagine living in the age when getting laced in a corset every day was a societal requirement. With all that being said, the only way to gauge your comfort in shape wear is to try it out. Can you sit down? Can you breathe? Is loving the way you look a happy sacrifice for a little squeeze? Not into the way it makes you feel? Whatever they may be, we can work on these answers together.


Shape wear or no shape wear, let’s enjoy those curves! They are always in!