Scrunchies & Claws

Certainly you remember Sex and the City’s Season 6 assault and battery of the now infamous hair scrunchie mentioned in Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend’s novel, right? The minute she went nuts, nearly every scrunchie slid into hiding. Except during nighttime face washing, of course. Well, the scrunchie is having a revived public moment in 2018, which probably won’t last long (plus, it’s hard to do well and, well, still I feel a bit “ick” about them). So, here, I give you advice for putting your hair up (in public), especially now that spring (ahem, summer) has made us all need to get our hair off our necks!


Let’s think chic. And let’s get prepared for it too. All you need in your pocket or your purse is a hair tie. While we are stashing them here and there, let’s remember they are not bracelets, ok? Add a bobby pin or two while you’re at it and you’ll be ready for anything.



Here’s a list of YESes! Ponytail: chic. You can go high, you can go low. And it’s great to mix it up so you don’t weaken your hair in any one spot. It’s best to match your hair tie to your hair color if you can or to just use a black one. Save the colored ones for your 7-year-old daughter or niece. You can spice this up by taking a strand of your own hair and wrapping it around the base of the pony tail and either tucking it in with a bobby pin or just tucking it back in the hair band.


Top knot: chic too. Just make a high ponytail and wrap all the hair around it and tuck it in with a pin. Neat or messy does the trick. Similarly, you can lower the whole operation for a bun at the nape of your neck. Divine.


Chignon: super chic. This might need a few more bobby pins and, honestly, watching a YouTube video on this style won’t hurt! Once you get the hang of it, this could be your most special updo!


The yeses range from really easy to a little more work, but the NOs are more straightforward. No scrunchies. Unless you are SJP herself, I don’t think the scrunchie’s moment in the sun will go over as “fashion forward” for most, so just leave it in your vanity drawer. And, this goes for plastic claws of any size — minis to banana clips. These are the closest cousin to the scrunchie and really belong at home for utilitarian purposes only. No matter whether you are dressed for the gym or the job, leave these two items at home please! (And if you can’t quit the claw cold turkey, it’s definitely better at the gym than on the job or at a dinner party!)


In case you are mourning the loss of your scrunchies and claws, I offer you one more hair bonus idea. How about a little hair jewelry? It’s very hot right now and could never be misunderstood. Hairpins and headbands with some sparkle and detail are a ton of fun. And if that’s too much for you to consider, try a metallic pony tail hair band for a night out on the town.


Let me know if you need a little help and I would be happy to get your hair accessories on the right track!


x K