Live Where You Are

Dearest Clients and Friends,


I hope this serves as my love letter to you all. I value you all so very much. I also listen to my clients, my friends, and the public at large. One observation, We all have body issues! Big surprise, I know. Men and Women alike. (Yes, I do hear it more from the ladies.)



It’s usually “I hate my…”
I also hear, “I really want to dress better, but do not want to until I …..”

lose weight

gain weight

shape up

get abs

shape up my arms



I completely support your healthy journey to whatever goal you may have. I also have one thing to say to all of this:




Please do not wait. “But I do not want to waste money,” I hear all of the time. I do not want you to. There are many ways to combat this. We shop in a more budget friendly way. We use tailoring to take things in and let them out or remake them. We sell things to buy more. The point is to live your life and feel good about it starting today. Has the past year taught us anything? Thank goodness body positivity has started to seep into the public consciousness. Is it seeping into yours. Easier said than done, I know! Believe me when I tell you that I have my own inner turmoil. Working on it.


I am not a therapist, a nutritionist, or a life coach, although I have a passion for all 3 of these areas. Just ask my family! LOL. I do, however, know that if you feel better, you look better. If you look better, you feel better. If a new shirt, pair of shoes, or dress puts a pep in your step you will feel more motivated to take better care of yourself. Love yourself. This applies to your work out wear as well. Do not show up to the gym in rags. How is that motivating to work hard? I do not even want you to sit at home by yourself in tired old shit. Comfortable yes, raggedy, no! Some decent lounge wear is motivating as well. Believe me.



Just like your hair dresser and trainer, I am here for you. I will listen. Then I will tell you to start living!