If It’s The Thought That Counts, Let’s Really Make It Count!


You can deny it if you want to, but holiday shopping is upon us and if you want to dazzle your special someone with a gift from under the tree or on the first night of Chanukah, we had better get to it! I can help you find the perfect gift(s)… you put in all the thought and I will help you execute that perfectly! Here is what I mean…


When it comes to gifting, you want your partner to squeal with delight when they open up your special gift. But sometimes, we play it safe because the truth is we are a little scared of stepping out on a big day. But this is the time to do it… romance is not just for Valentine’s Day!


Here are some things I know…



Men and women alike can overshop because they are not sure their gifts are the right ones. What you select sometimes feels inadequate, so you overdo it. But the right gift can really pack a punch and when you get it right you know that you don’t need anything else to show you care.


Men tend to be afraid to dive in and buy their ladies a fabulous handbag, shoes, a designer belt. I can help. Statement jewelry can be intimidating too. I can help. What about the right gorgeous robe, not the terrycloth one, but the sumptuous silk one and a dressing gown to go with it? Win-win, right? Or the best cashmere? C’mon fellas, let’s get busy.


Guys aren’t the only ones who are nervous shoppers. Ladies, your man needs a new watch, but which one? Cufflinks? Oh my, the options are magical… and a nice french cuffed shirt to go with them. Or a travel bag… that says, “Take me away, I’m yours!” Santa’s list goes on and on… a unique cashmere piece, gorgeous sneakers, an exquisite pocket square. Oh my.


If you are giving more than one box to open, it’s nice to have an aesthetic that holds them all together. A theme can say, “I really thought of you when I put this together!” Squealing? Yes!



Let me help you with your gift giving this holiday season. I will do the work, you will be the thought that counts! All you with just a little help from Clé D’Or’s chief elf.


x K