I Buy the Same Thing Over and Over and Over and Over.

I know you are nodding your head. And if you’re not, you are probably in denial about it. We ALL do this. We can’t help it. We are drawn to certain patterns or colors or styles. They evoke a memory, stoke an old fire or are just our favorites. What results when we follow our tendencies is that we have too much of a good (favorite) thing.


I buy too much black. Dresses, pants, shoes, sexy tops. All black.


I have to let Ana Wintour scold me in my head. She does not wear black.


We do this for many reasons:


  1. Someone told us we looked good in it once
  2. You feel good in it for some reason
  3. You think it’s the only thing you look good in
  4. You shop in the same store all the time
  5. You are afraid to shop and only buy what seems safe
  6. You hate to shop and wear a uniform to keep it simple
  7. You can’t help yourself. You see a black boot, you buy a black boot. No matter how many you already own.



Whether it’s the little voice in your head or the salesperson in your favorite store, you spend good money on items that don’t help your wardrobe or your options. But — trust me — you can look good, feel good, branch out, diversify your uniform and know what you need to round out your wardrobe (instead of another pair of black boots!). This is one of my gifts — helping you with a wardrobe strategy that works for you and makes you look and feel great. I know this sounds funny, but shopping strategically can keep you from wasting money on choices that are wrong for you.


Sometimes building a new wardrobe that’s just right for the beautiful person you are runs into some good discussions about how you see yourself and how you’d like to see yourself. I see beauty in all packages and also how some of you beauties are hiding behind too many loose fitting tops, for example.


Don’t get me wrong. We all have our hang ups, our preferences and our NO list. But because the world of fashion has endless possibilities and I love to scour every corner for what works best, we can build you a foundation of basics and round it out with special items that will transform not only your closet and your budget, but how you feel about your clothes and even yourself.



Let me help you with these four key items:


  1. Diversify your wardrobe (no more all black, all blousy, all skinny jeans, all anything)
  2. Use your fashion budget more wisely, more strategically
  3. Develop a wardrobe foundation with important special items to meet your needs
  4. Make you feel amazing about how you look for any occasion!


We can do this together! You won’t regret it.


x K