How Long Do I Keep It? What Should I Keep?


The older clothes in your closet fall into three categories: 1) true vintage pieces, 2) classics that might come back and 3) things that must go. But how do you know which is which?


With any client, I love to start in their closet first, if possible. (But since my clientele come from all over the world, that’s not always possible.) There I can help figure out what to keep, what should go and what else is needed to flesh out the wardrobe.


Get Rid of It: This is a good place to start. Shoes have a shelf life and once it’s over, it’s over. So, if they’re worn out or out of style, it’s time for them to go. Men’s suits are the same. They are never worth saving once they have outlived their threads or their in style window. And women’s dresses. It’s just not worth saving them past their shelf life. Buh-bye.


Your Relationship with Your Clothes: Here’s a good guideline when looking through your closet trying to decide what to keep and what should go. If you haven’t worn it in 2 years or more, ADIOS! Your relationship is over. If it’s a really special piece, like a Chanel jacket, it might be time to rework it to give you and it a new fresh start. I can help you reinvent an old fave. But, and this is important, if your dress or blazer is ten years old and you are keeping it because your friends said you looked good in it… it is probably time to say good bye. Out of style, out of the closet. It’s time for a new you.



Vintage Pieces: You have a few options here. Wear it and wear it well. Rework it (I suggest getting help here.) Or sell it. I can help you find some good places that will sell it on consignment to someone who is ready for a new old piece. Cha-ching.


Closet clearing is hard. Saying goodbye to old pieces can be hard too. But nothing matches the euphoric feeling of a closet that is working for you, with each piece harmonizing with the others to give you a ton of options that make you feel amazing. Let’s get started.


x K