How Do I think about Shopping Now?

Have you felt guilty for thinking about clothes and shopping? I realize that it can be a superficial subject. However, there is another way to look at it. A different point of view that could change the way we perceive shopping.


As Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times wrote,” It can be a sign of faith in the future and the idea that we will one day be in public again, dressing for the occasion and not hiding away from each other.” It is the belief in design, art, beauty and commerce. Everything you buy has provided jobs for many people in a chain. Every industry needs that now. You can stimulate the economy, be smart about your budget and begin to dress for your life again.



My work exists to a large degree because men and woman do not like going into stores. They felt overwhelmed and confused by the choices. Now add the fact that they may feel scared for their health. I am here. I now how to navigate this. It is my home turf. I can take all of the anxiety away for you. Online shopping, well that can be even more anxiety inducing. I am adept at this as well. I can make your virtual shopping experience fun. I can do it all for you and have everything delivered right to your door – hassle free.


While doing what I do can not compare on any level to our hero doctors, nurses, and many other essential workers that have kept our lives going, I can provide an essential service. Let’s start thinking about looking and feeling our best again. Let me make it safe and fun for you.


All Best,