Going Au Naturale

Got your attention? Stay with me here. Yes, we are talking Nude: natural, beige, blush, etc, etc. The colors in this palette are almost endless. Some have been on trend for quite a while. One of these shades is in style almost every season. For me, they never go out of style.


Let’s talk about wearing these shades. I can hear some of my clients out there thinking, “Kriena, you took all the creams and naturals out of my closet!” Like everything, there is a lot of nuance here. So let’s dig into it.


It is not good to have only creamy tones in your wardrobe and not true white. Some of the creams, especially in certain fabrics can look dirty and washed out. If they do not do anything for your skin tone or your wardrobe, they are going, going, gone. We all need some true white pieces to wear. It brightens our smile, eyes, etc. It looks good on EVERYONE!



Next, I add in some great true naturals, blushes, tans, taupe, khaki, etc. Then I hear, “I can’t wear that, it washes me out.” This is where the discussion begins. There are as many different shades of this family as there are beautiful skin tones. It is true that not every one is a good match, but as you always hear me say, “It is all about HOW you wear it.” Sometimes all it takes is a little lip color to make it work. YES! I am serious.


Some may look better on you in the summer when you are sun kissed. (SHHHH – do not tell your dermatologist!) Some are great all year round no matter what. Some may need a little foundation. The key is to make sure you glow when you are wearing it. As with everything you wear.



Guys, for you it is very simple. Most all of the shades will work for most all of you. Do not overthink it. Just make sure it is not washed out and dirty looking. I love gorgeous neutrals and naturals on my guys. Trust me fellas, this is a sexy look if you do it right.


When you hear me call something flesh colored, I mean it is the same exact color as YOUR flesh. It may work on another gorgeous skin hue, but it will not work for you. It will make you look all one shade with no differentiation. We do not want that! You need to look radiant at all times. Now go out there and enjoy being Au Naturale!