Fashion Is Not Dead, It Is Evolving

Hello out there! It has been a minute. Needless to say a great deal has happened in the last year. Did it “do in” fashion for good? Hell no! Fashion is as important as ever.


We have seen the demise of some iconic stores, read about the financial collapse of others and the reorganization of many more. Brands we have known and trusted have shrunk in size. Many locations of our favorite stores have closed or relocated. It’s true, the retail landscape has become harder to navigate.



Did online shopping take a bite out of retail stores? Yes, it did. Are you getting dozens of emails and ads each day encouraging you to “take advantage of BIG savings and discounts” ? Have you succumbed and ended up with items in your closet that do not fit your life? Sshhh! I won’t tell anyone.


Some of the really good news is that the Fashion Industry is evolving in a positive way. New designers are emerging. Younger and more diverse. The industry is becoming more environmentally conscious. It has a long way to go, but change is happening. The Me Too Movement, the need for Racial Equity, the need for more Body Positivity is all playing a part in the styles we’re seeing. This is happening as early as Spring 2021.


So how does this pertain to you, my dear clients? I will tell you.

Do you need to purchase new items? YES! More than ever. We may be Zooming for a bit longer ( see my blog You Need More Than One Zoom Shirt!), but it will come to an end. Will you be ready? Are you starting to have some socially distanced meetings? Are you having dinner in the backyard with a small group of trusted friends? My bet is, you have never craved looking good more in your life. How do you shop either on line or in a store with all of the new dynamics? I am here to help you.



Designers have been watching, believe it or not. They are stepping up to the needs of the moment. Check out my Instagram @cledornyc. The current trends are made for us now. I will break down which ones are right for you and which ones you can skip.


Style is as important to this moment as Art, Music, Cuisine, and Architecture. It goes through cycles. This is one. We cut back on adorning ourselves for a while. Although I have been discouraging this, I must admit that I had not put on heals for months until New Years Eve! Whoa! It felt good and weird. We will walk forward! I want us to do it looking and feeling out best!


(Check out the next blog on which styles to dive into and which ones to skip)