Does My Belt Have to Match My Shoes?

Gents. This one’s for you. And the simple answer is “yes!” Of course, some mixing and matching is allowed, but is in the “don’t try this at home” category. It is as tricky as walking on a high wire and if you really want to know, let me be your safety net. Otherwise, stay on the safe side and heed this advice.



For work. Simple, easy, classic. With a suit. Black shoes and a black belt. You can’t go wrong. Same goes for an interview. This is not the time to mess around. If you’re getting dressy, you can do a polished black shoe and a black skin belt (snake, lizard, etc). Mmmm. But still close to the line.


Browns, because they are harder to match, can be mixed. But keep them close and do what you can to match the textures. Shiny leather with polished leather. It gets trickier here. A light suede shoe with a chocolate belt… that works.


For casual. Want to wear a fun shoe? A cool sneaker? Leave the belt in the closet. This would be a good time to untuck your shirt (read how in Nip Tuck). You can also choose to go the fun belt route — maybe seersucker or a print — but head in the direction of a white sneaker or some simple loafers to set it off.



Men, unless you are a rock star or a rodeo rider, keep your buckles simple, simple, simple. Capiche?


Ready to draw outside the lines? Give me a call. And certainly, if you need to up your game on the basics… I am ready when you are!


It can be a cinch, x K