Clé D’or on COVID-19, Community Outreach!

It’s a lot, I know. What is important right now? Staying Positive is one thing. Lets start there. I think we all gave ourselves a couple of days to just be. I know I did. The sweats that you should have thrown out. The leggings with the hole in them. The “I do not care” clothing. We needed that. Now what?


I tell all of my clients, “It always matters what you wear.” It affects the way you feel about yourself. We are all working from home one way or another. Are you schooling your kids from home? First let me say – WOW! Sending you love. If you like the way you look in the mirror in the morning, you will have just a little more strength. Put on the nice leggings. That little sweater that feels good and comfy. Your boyfriend jeans and a stylish hoodie. Act as if you are going to school pick up, even if you are not. You will walk a little taller and may even feel like the super hero that you are.


Everyone is struggling right now, including all of our favorite retailers we know and love. With retail being one of the hardest hit sectors of this pandemic, I’d like to share a few (small!) retailers and charities that are undertaking initiatives to support hard hit communities around the world during this unfortunate time. Remember, the big chains will most likely make it through this. But you’re favorite neighborhood boutique very well many not, so shop small and give back!


Pour le Femmes: A socially conscious sleepwear brand supports charitable organizations that directly help women in conflict regions around the world.


100 Suits- Distributes business attire to underprivileged men and women seeking employment in the New York area.


Its From The Sole- Distributes sneakers to underprivileged people in the New York area, from the soul of your heart to the sole of their feet, trust me when I say giving sneakers to this man will go a long way for someone in need!


Dress for Success- An international non-profit that empowers women to seek independence through an intricate support network and providing business attire for those in need.


John Elliot- NOT a small retailer, but they ARE donating 10% of all sales to UCLA’s Health Fund, which with a growing case count in Los Angeles, will go a long way in the coming weeks.


Former- Punk Surf/Skate brand, the graphic tees are edgy and cool and they’re donating 10% of all sales to both Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry!


The Clé DO’r Family is thinking of you all during this time. You’re in our thoughts, minds, and prayers, please reach out with any and all initiatives that are supporting those affected by this. When in crisis it’s vital we root ourselves in the communities that serve us, if we do I have no doubt we’ll get through this stronger than ever!


With love,