Beware Too Much of a Good (Old) Thing


Remember the deep V sweaters from the 80s? Worn with leggings or stirrup pants and maybe even leg warmers. A flashback to Flashdance, for sure. And the oversized menswear jackets of the 90s? Well, they’re baaaack!


We have, throughout history, always taken inspiration from the past and now is no exception. It may come as a big surprise when a style you remember from high school comes back to haunt you, but I am here to tell you that you can make it work if you do it right.


First off, never — and I really mean never here — wear a resurgent trend from head to toe… unless it’s Halloween (ah, note to self that you can get some pretty good costumes for a retro costume in stores right now!). But that oversized deep V sweater? Embrace it! But give it a more modern twist with some jeans, half tucked on the side (see Nip Tuck), even off one shoulder, even with a pretty camisole underneath. You will dip into a powerful nostalgia here but with a sophisticated air. You could even try one paired with a menswear plaid trouser. Doesn’t that sound sexy?


For the menswear blazer from the 90s, we used to pull them together with a monochromatic pairing, but can modernize them by combining them with the season’s latest jeans for a style and color contrast. Sounds like a blast from the past!


x K