There is nothing more sexy than a well-dressed man.


If you’re a man looking to up your style game, you’re in the right place. Kriena’s personal styling will help you dress well for any occasion, be it for your career, your weekend, or your everyday needs.


Or perhaps you’re searching for a personal stylist for men because your partner needs some help. Kriena knows how to update your man’s personal style to harmonize with yours. Once she’s through, you’ll be the best dressed couple at every event. She can help you make it look like you dressed him yourself…but better!

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Meet Men’s Personal Stylist Kriena Nederveen


With a keen eye for detail and an innovative approach to styling, Kriena is the perfect personal stylist to help you transform your look. From casual to formal and everything in between, Kriena will ensure that you look your best at every occasion.


Kriena specializes in personal styling services for men, knowing the best brands and the hottest looks. You can trust that Kriena only works with the best, ensuring that each piece is perfectly suited for your unique body shape and personal style. She’ll help you to build the ideal capsule wardrobe for work that will help you feel confident and look your best.

Our Process

How It Works


  1. It all starts with a quick phone call. On the call, I’ll ask some questions to find out your goals and needs plus explain how I work
  2. You’ll fill out a form to give me your stats and some fun information
  3. Once a plan is nailed down, I get to work – this can be done one of several ways:
    • We shop together (Hey, some people enjoy it and that’s totally fine with me!)
    • I shop for you and bring everything to a location of your choice
    • I shop virtually for you and have everything sent to your location
  4. Next, we’ll meet up for a low-key fitting and style session
  5. Lastly, everything you do not choose is returned (You won’t be paying for anything you don’t LOVE!)

What Can a Men’s Personal Stylist Help You With?

Some of the most popular requests from clients include:

  • Cultivating a style that suits their unique size, shape, and individuality
  • A Closet Edit that leaves you with the perfect pieces for every occasion
  • Styling for corporate events and company headshots
  • Finding the best fit
  • Vacation packing
  • Shopping concierge and delivery
  • Tours of the unique shopping districts in LA and New York

Benefits of Hiring a Men’s Stylist

Most men don’t think they need a personal stylist. They think they “do ok” by themselves. But they miss out on the confidence that looking their absolute best can bring. As I said before, “There is nothing more sexy than a well-dressed man.” Hiring a personal stylist can help you to up your style game for every area of your life and bring the confidence that accompanies it.

The primary benefits of working with a personal stylist include:

  • ​Establishing a complete wardrobe for every occasion
  • Cutting out panicky impulse buying
  • Find clothes that complement your body type
  • Highlight your best assets
  • Feel comfortable in your outfit and skin

Let me help you and your partner show up as the ideal version of yourselves.

I’m happy to share more about how I can support you and answer your questions about personal fashion stylists. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.